Social Media Does Not Take the Place of a Website

Using both social media and a website creates a powerful digital internet presence.

Both are very different in approach and usage, and should be used as stand-alone platforms but, also should be used in combination to promote your business, nonprofit and personal efforts.

Websites are your business storefront to the world where you can demonstrate and showcase products, idea’s and expertise, and no one controls your website but you if, you buy your domain name and hosting account.

No rules and regulations like you find on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other social media platforms. 

You Are The Boss

That is not to say that social media does not have their place, but it is much more restrictive because it is owned by someone else.

Social media will provide exposure to the world at large but websites provide you with the creative space for your brand and sell products and ideas.

Using your website pages and blogs as well as your business social media will demonstrate your expertise in your field and help promote your business.

Website blogs that are built right on your business website, help you to explain a slice of your business, and keep your followers up to date.

Connecting your blogs helps in two ways.

1.) Hooking up individual blogs to collect emails from the blog post and then when you press publish on that new blog post, it will send out an email as a newsletter to those email followers automatically.

2.) Posting your new blog post to different social media will grow your view ship and keep your social media followers informed of what is going on in your business world.

With their website, businesses just look and feel more credible and professional.

Social media, not so much, but again that is not what their job is.

Website blogs help to explain things in detail where social media does it in short, but useful bursts.

Using the right keywords and phrases as well as descriptions and link backs to your website, as in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is also powerful in social media as it is on website pages and blogs.

You can also run different campaigns and specials a well as run ads to a select population on social media that will link to your website.

Another big feature of websites is that you can set up Google Analytics that will help you to learn more about your audience.

Where your visitors are coming from, the time frame (From Oct. 1 to Oct. 31), how long they are spending on each page, and the bounce rate is just i have written some of the data analytics provides for you at no cost. 

The data that comes from that valuable tool will give you information to plan out your future advertising as well as where you want to spend your other efforts.

Google Analytics is your yardstick for the health of your business.

In conclusion, websites are your storefront and they belong to you, and social media is the way to reach more people.

Working together, they help build a powerful digital presence

Social Media Does Not Take the Place of a Website

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Social Media Does Not Take the Place of a Website
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Social Media Does Not Take the Place of a Website
These two platforms are very different from each other and should be used together to promote any business. This is a powerful combination for digital marketing you should take advantage of.
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