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We are the one place you can come and have a cutting edge website designed as well as fast and powerful hosting included. We will also throw in a domain name as part of the deal as well as many other benefits.

“For a professional painting contractor, its tough enough getting new business. With my amazing website that John designed, it shows our work the best way possible. We are ranked very high on the internet with the SEO that he connected to all the pages and landing pages for the different cities that we service.

His graphic art skills came in handy when he designed our logo, business card and flyers. The great idea’s he had for promoting our business on the blog that we have and what to write about gives our customers and idea on what we can do for them on interior and exterior painting jobs in detail. His social media expertise knowledge is very helpful.

For a new business, finding all these different skills in one place, saved me time and energy, so I could concentrate on my customers and what I do best, which is painting.

Thank you, John and Website Design and Hosting Guru”

Shaun T.

Owner, Spray, Brush and Roll Painting (SRB Painting)

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Website Design & Hosting

We have affordable, complete packages, that will provide you with cutting edge Website Design, fast and powerful Hosting as well as Domain Name, Search engine Optimization (SEO), Logo Design and Graphic Arts. Everything you need to get your business off the ground.

Website Design

We design modern, clean, and cutting edge websites, that will promote your business for now and in the future. Our website designs are mobile responsive, meaning they will look good on cell phones as well as desktops and laptops. Perfect for redesign of existing website, Woocommerce and those that have their own hosting. 


Search Engine Optimization is how you talk to search engines and if and how your website  will be found on the internet. We also set up Google Search Console and Bing and Yahoo Webmaster Tools to keep those search engines up-to-date on any new or updated content on your website.

Audience Analytics

We set up your Google Analytics so you can have data to see where your audience is coming from so, you can make informed decisions on how to proceed with your marketing strategy. 

Website Maintenance

Keeping your website running smooth and up-to-date is something we provide, so there is very little down time. We know how important it is to keep your digital storefront up and running.   

Social Media

Setting up professional social media accounts is what we do and then teach you how to use them to promote your business. This is one form of digital marketing strategy that helps you to connect with future clients. Your blog can also be used to show up on your social media.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are extremely important for a number of reasons. 1.) Promoting a special that you might be featuring. 2.) A call to action. 3.) Selling individual products. 4.) Designing landing pages for local outreach. This alone will help your website reach connect to more locations and boost your SEO dramatically.

Email Marketing

Setting up email marketing can come in one of two ways. 1.) Connecting your blog to take down email address and then send out a email every time you publish a new blog post automatically. 2.) Setting up a independent email strategy to promote your business.

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SEO Strategy Ranking Google and Bing

SEO Strategy Ranking Google and Bing

This strategy is not just one thing that you do, but a number of good practices that you need to be consistent on a web page or blog page. The search engines like Google, Bing and yahoo use Search Engine Optimization or SEO as a way of helping people find what they are looking for.

Rich Snippets for Ranking Higher on Search Engines

Rich Snippets for Ranking Higher on Search Engines

Looking good and ranking higher? What’s not to like? When it comes to having your website or blog show up on a search engine like Google, Bing and Yahoo, SEO is king, but the queen is something called Rich Snippets, Schema and Micro Data.

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