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We are the one place you can come and have a cutting edge website designed as well as fast and powerful hosting included. We will also throw in a domain name as part of the deal as well as many other benefits.

All our WordPress websites that we design are Mobile Responsive, which means that your site will look good no matter what type of device people wish to view it on be it Desktop, Laptop, iPad and Cell Phone.

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What is Website ADA Compliant?

What is Website ADA Compliant?

Make content on your website accessible to blind and deaf users who must navigate by voice and screen users. Here are the four main ways but there are several other factors, but to be honest if you, cover these four you will be compliant.

Faster Website with CDN

Faster Website with CDN

CDN means, Content Delivery Network. So what does that mean and how does it help to load your website faster on the internet? The goal is to have your website open between 0-4 seconds is ideal load time.

9 Reasons Why You Blog From Your Business Website

9 Reasons Why You Blog From Your Business Website

I teach people how to promote their new storefront and gateway (website) to the world by using social media and blogging. I will give 9 reasons why you should blog off your business website that if you are NOT, you are missing out on a HUGE tool on your website for marketing and promotion of your business.

Website Design and Hosting Guru Contact Page

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Dual Complete in one location. Amazing WordPress websites on a super-fast hosting with top-notch SEO included for your business to grow.

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