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Graphics in the way of: Logo’s, Business Cards, Newsletters, Brochures and Flyers are as import as they always where.

You will always need something to hand out or mail to prospective clients but the difference today is that they can be turned into a digital form at the same time.

Graphic Design

“John has been a huge asset to me and Central in our ACTS homeless ministry and various outreaches that we have done, both on campus and in the community. 

He has designed and organized our monthly Prison Magazine, Inside Out, that is now sent to over 200 inmates in local prisons. 

The Magazine is of the highest quality and is being requested by new inmates each month. 

John has a great work ethic and is very creative in his application in his projects, and fresh new ideas for each magazine.”


Nancy Bandusky

Associate Director of Local Outreach, Central Christian Church.

How Can We Help Your Business Grow?

Graphic Design and Branding is ESSENTIAL for a small business to BUILD credibility, ATTRACT customers, and PROMOTE stability to your target clientele.

Marketing stems from the ability to portray a lasting impression in your potential clients’ minds.

Developing that strong foundation (brand) from the onset ensures that you are continually building your business onwards and upwards.

We help you build that powerful brand, offline and online, with graphic design.  From helping you design an effective logo to building your website and mobile presence – and then marketing your business with a blog, social media presence and digital ads…

Phoenix Graphic Designer

We’ve Got You Covered

Logo Design

We design custom logos for your new business or an upgrade for your old one.

For an added bonus for the logo design, we will also design a new business card, front and back, at no additional charge and supply you with high resolution images in .jpg, .ping and PDF for your printer.

We will provide you with a B&W logo as well as a Color one, in high resolution (300dpi) for printing and a low resolution (72dpi) for your website and social media.

$200 – Logo design with up to 4 revisions.


Newsletters & Magazines

Design is very important to make people want to read what you have to say but photographs and images will also help to tell that story as well.

We design these newsletter and magazines in Adobe, InDesign, and then supply you with a high resolution .jpg, .ping or PDF for the printer as well as a high resolution digital file. You supply all photographs, artwork and text. 

$500.00 – Set up charge the first time that will come with four pages (two pages front to back). Each page after that is $100 per page one side ($200 front to back).   

Brochures & Flyers

We custom design, double-fold, tri-fold and single page.

We design these Brochures & Flyers in Adobe, Illustrator and then supply you with a high resolution .jpg, .ping or PDF for the printer as well as a high resolution digital file. You supply all photographs, artwork and text. 

$250.00 for double fold or tri-fold. – $125 for single page front to back 


John Tarr Portfolio Website

I have Designed a website that is a portfolio of my work that I have created through the years with my Graphic Design, Website Design and Photography.

You can find the website here John Tarr Portfolio.

Social Media Posts or Mems

If you need something custom made for social media or a meme, or for any other use, we do those also.

Some businesses, nonprofits and people like to have custom made designs and memes designed, and then posted on a regulare basis to stay in touch with their followers on their social media.

We design these graphics and then set them up to go out at a pre-planned schedule every week using a social media posting tool. 

Since these are custom made designs and tools, please contact us for a price because the use of these vary so much.


We use many Adobe products like Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, InDesign and Premiere Pro to design your Website and Graphic Arts. 

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