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Below are the many success stories that we have had building a digital storefront for many businesses and nonprofits.

We design websites, host them as well as do graphic arts, design logos, and design for other digital and printed material.

Success Stories for Website and Graphic Design

“For me and my company, John has been really helpful with our website and with landing pages. John’s quick responsiveness and concern for our companies needs have allowed us to adapt to market fluctuations.

He’s allowed me to suggest changes to our site and in some instances, make the changes immediately as we talk. John is very approachable and that has been very uplifting to me in comparison to all others I tried to work with.

I recommend him.”    

Joseph Trasser

Director of Operations & Partner, Joe's AZBIO

Website Design and Hosting Guru (WDHG) has been instrumental in the design, SEO, marketing, and maintenance of our website and DIVI theme since 2013 and we appreciate John’s expertise in these vital areas – especially how they integrate with E-Commerce.

WDHG stays up to speed with the latest Google protocols and relevant search engine SEO algorithms for our business to be found at the top of the page.  A robust and holistic approach to the overall health of the website allows it to freely operate in a legitimate manner without trying to game the system.

 John is concerned for our success and it shows – they don’t nickel and dime us to death but do all the work in an affordable monthly package.  Website Design and Hosting Guru is aptly named and makes a good partner in achieving an excellent internet presence for your business.

Owner - Steve O.

Out of Order Fixture Covers, JaniWrap

“John Tarr has a terrific eye for graphic design and a keen sense of an appropriate balance between text and visuals.

I am very happy with the website he has created for me as I prepare to launch my first book of poetry. 

I am also impressed with the very diverse group of clients who avail themselves of his skills.

He’s an amazingly talented guy!”

Rhonda Brown

Poet - Author, Poet Monk

“I would like to endorse John for his professional expertise in developing the website I am now using.

It is time consuming to design a new website from scratch, which is what I did the first time around. John took my old website and redesigned my older version into a new one and made it much more appealing. The blog interface for writing and sharing is much more skill oriented and easier to follow. 

John also shows me step by step of writing a post that is optimized for Google search. The new website now has SEO which the old one did not and no one found it.”

Alan Tai

Scientists - Author, Science and Life

“John is easy to work with and treats each job with a professional eye. I worked with John on a non-profit book where they supplied us with text. They wanted to design, editing and a final print-ready book for publishing.

John took charge of the artwork and provided stock graphics and custom info-graphics. His art and design choices brought the book to life and made the text understandable to the reader. “

Sheri B.

InDesign Specialist, Book Designer

“John did a fantastic job on my website. He was engaging and informative when working with me to redesign the site.

He took my vision and brought it to life. As a photographer having a website that displays your work well, is the number one thing.

John made sure to do that as well as making sure it was easy to navigate. I would recommend John to anyone needing new or redesign of their website.”  

Jason T.

Owner and Head Photographer, Beyond the Shutter Photography

“I used  Website Design and Hosting to set up my website. I love it and I receive daily calls from new clients.

I highly recommend John Tarr to anyone wanting a great Website.” 

Victoria Rawson

Owner and Dog Trainer, Unleashed Dog Training

“I am a techno-tard and John was very patient with me. He explained things I didn’t understand, gave me ideas when I needed them, helped me to launch my website, helped me with social media. Not once did he indicate impatience with me.

I was very comfortable working with him. John is my “Go To” guy for everything website and internet related.” 

C. Marie Schrant

Book Author, C. Marie Schrant

“I have known John Tarr for years and I am impressed with his technical skills in Web design and all facets of marketing and maintenance of web pages.

John has a talent for photography and aesthetics and designs attractive and functional Web pages.

He also has a good understanding of how the Google search algorithms work.

I would highly recommend John Tarr in all of these capacities.”

Randolph Williams

Christian Apologetics Author, Two Measures Foolish

“John’s moving photo diary of patients at Hope Community Health Center grasped the very qualities of our outreach to the poor.

His work also transformed our website into a new one.  John’s photographs and web design told the story of who we are and the love we have for our patients without words. 

He also expertly designed our newsletter so our readers are captivated by the look and feel. John helped us to achieve a new business level with his expertise.” 

Dave Engel

Managing Director, Hope Community Health Center

“John is instrumental in designing our website for Halfway Home Ministries.

After a meeting with John he was able to put together the perfect website for us.

Over time we had some business changes and John was at his best to make changes and give advice and ideas.

We were so pleased with the professionalism that when we needed a second website design we made one call to John.”

Ron Nelson

President, Halfway Home Ministries

“For a professional painting contractor, its tough enough getting new business. With my amazing website that John designed, it shows our work the best way possible.

We are ranked very high on the internet with the SEO that he connected to all the pages and landing pages for the different cities that we service. His graphic art skills came in handy when he designed our logo, business card and flyers.

The great ideas he had for promoting our business on the blog that we have and what to write about gives our customers and idea on what we can do for them on interior and exterior painting jobs in detail. His social media expertise knowledge is very helpful.

For a new business, finding all these different skills in one place, saved me time, so I could concentrate on my customers and what I do best, which is painting

Thank you John and his company, Website Design and Hosting Guru”

Shaun T.

Owner , SRB Painting – Spray, Role and Brush, Painting

“I love my site and am so appreciative of all of John’s creative input, research, knowledge, and experience he has put into my website site. He has been patient while working with me and has helped me understand how to work on my site to make updates. 

His passion for his work shines through. I would recommend him to anyone looking to update their website and get connected through social media.”  

Candace Gier

Owner and Lead Photographer, CG Photo and Design

“John has been a huge asset to me and Central in our ACTS homeless ministry and various outreaches that we have done, both on campus and in the community. 

He has designed and organized our monthly Prison Magazine, Inside Out, that is now sent to over 200 inmates in local prisons. 

The Magazine is of the highest quality and is being requested by new inmates each month. 

John has a great work ethic and is very creative in his application in his projects, and fresh new ideas for each magazine.”

Nancy Bandusky

Associate Director of Local Outreach, Central Christian Church

These two are the front and back of a tri-fold. Click them and you can download a PDF of the whole tri-fold.

“I gave a recommendation early for the website design work and SEO that John has done for my company, AZ-BIO.

He also did a great job designing printed and digital material for us to pass out in the form of tri-folds, business cards and mailers to promote our business.

It helps have one place to go to get a number of things designed from websites to printed material.”

Joe Trasser

Owner, AZ-BIO

We use many Adobe products like Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, InDesign and Premiere Pro to design your Website and Graphic Arts.


Website Design Success Stories

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Website Design Success Stories. What past clients have had to say about our work in Web and Graphic Design.

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