What is Website ADA Compliant?

Designing an ADA (Americans with Disability Act) compliant website helps protect your business against lawsuits and fines in addition to providing needed accommodations for your potential customers with disabilities.

Other words, it makes your content on the website accessible to blind and deaf users who must navigate by voice and screen users.

The ADA act was designed for people with disabilities at physical locations such as Braille and wheelchair accessibilities at a business location but also extends to the digital realm such as websites.

When we design a website, we follow the best practices of a Website ADA Compliant site.

How do Your Make Your Website ADA Compliant?

Here are the four main ways but there are several other factors but to be honest if you cover these four you will be compliant.  

1.) The biggest thing to do is to make sure all the images, videos and audio files on the website have alt tags.

Alt Tags explant what is in in those images and files in more detail for those individuals that cannot actually see them.

These Provide text alternatives for non-text content.

Provide captions and other alternatives for multimedia.

Make it easier for users to see and hear content.

2.) Make text transcripts available on your website pages and blogs. Go here to learn how to do that. How to add a YouTube transcript to your website.

These will make text readable and understandable.

Also making content appear and operate in predictable ways.

3.) Design the website that has a clean consistent, organized layout. Menus, links and buttons should be organized in such a way that they are clearly delineated from one another and are easily navigated throughout the entire site.

4.) Use H tags (H1, H2, H3 and H4) throughout the website to separate sentences and paragraphs for easy readability.

ADA Compliance Checklist 2022

Here is a good place to go to get ADA Compliance Checklist 2022

Is your website ADA compliant? 

Chances are it is NOT but if you follow the suggestions, I listed above, it will go a long way to be compliant.

You can also go here ADA Compliance Website Checker to see if it is.

I hope this article will help you become aware and how to make your websites ADA compliant.


What is Website ADA Compliant?


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What is Website ADA Compliant?
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What is Website ADA Compliant?
Make content on your website accessible to blind and deaf users who must navigate by voice and screen users.
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